Los Rios Online Scholarship Application

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already receiving financial aid--can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply for both financial aid and scholarships. You may qualify for one and not the other, or you may qualify for both. (Note: In rare cases, financial aid may be affected. If you receive financial aid, consult with the Financial Aid Office for more specific information.)

If I don't qualify for financial aid, can I apply for CRC scholarships?

Yes, all students who meet the minimum criteria are encouraged to apply.

If I am an international student, can I apply for CRC scholarships?

Yes, all students who meet the minimum criteria are encouraged to apply.

Can I apply for CRC scholarships if I am working toward a certificate and not a degree?

Yes, though scholarships are generally for students continuing for a second year to receive a degree or transfer to a four-year institution.

If I plan to attend a different community college, such as Sacramento City College (SCC) the next semester, can I apply for CRC scholarships?

No, you must be continuing at CRC or transferring to a four-year institution. SCC and other two-year colleges have their own scholarship programs.

How many units do I need to qualify?

You must have completed at least 6 units at CRC. In addition, you must be enrolled at CRC for a minimum of 6 units during the current semester.

How do I apply?

Select the "Login Scholarships" option from the menu at the left.

How many online recommendation letters do I need?

At least one online recommendation letter is required. The letter may be from a faculty member or counselor at CRC. The same letter(s) will be used for all scholarships. Do not submit more than one letter unless you are required to do so. Please submit all recommendations online by the filing deadline. The Online Recommendation can be found from the main menu on the left after selecting the college the student is applying for scholarships from.

What if my personal and/or academic information changed after I've submitted my application?

If your personal information and academic data have changed since you last filed or filled out or saved the scholarship application, and if you wish to update the information to reflect your current status, please go to 1. Edit/Update Scholarship Application link, then click the "Update with current data" button on the form and click update botton to save the changes. Keep in mind, changes of academic data may result in changing your eligibility status for scholarships you have applied for.

Where do I submit the supplemental requirements?

Please submit all supplemental materials online by following 3. Apply/View Qualified Scholarships link and select the scholarship you want to sumbit supplementals for. Then click the Submit Supplemental Materials link on the right top conner of the screen. All supplemental materials need to be submitted by 4:30pm, .

Do I need to submit an official transcript with my application, or is a copy acceptable?

You do not need to submit a transcript. The verification will be done for you.

How will I know I've been awarded a scholarship?

All applicants will receive a letter notifying them if they have, or have not, been awarded a scholarship.

Do I have to attend the awards ceremony?

As a matter of courtesy, you are expected to attend the event, receive your award and thank your donors.

Where do I pick up my scholarship money?

You will receive a certificate at the Scholarships and Awards Ceremony, with instructions on what to do to receive your scholarship. Funds are available in August  at the earliest.